Best VM server for 4-8 virtual machines

I’ve been watching@robbieonthetube for a number of months and have learned a great deal but as I come down to finally pulling the trigger, is like some final guidance and/or reassurance.

I’m looking to get into archiving my DVD/Blu-Ray collection. Additionally, this will become the primary target for all files. While in use I may copy down locally but then move back up. As wireless speeds improved this will be less of an issue. Finally, I’m in the technology field and would like to try to use this as a VM server for 4-8 servers.

One system I located was the Synology DS3617xs. It would be fully loaded with 12TB Iron Wolf Pro drives. I may move the device to my office and then upgrade to 10GbE but will evaluate in summer when I can figure out the heat output so for now it is 1000/100 wired for desktop and 4k TV, and wireless is about 45mbps

You have already found the best solution. It will be difficult to find something more compatible and performing as DS3617XS. Its processor benchmark is above 8000 making it very popular also as a 4k plex server.

Also, make sure you connect all 4 LAN ports. Synology software is smart enough to make any unmanaged switch into a little bit smarter switching device. With load balancing feature enabled Synology will balance data transfer between all LAN connections. But of course you should consider 10GbE card upgrade later. You can even install dual 10GbE or even 40GbE card if you need even more of the bandwidth.

You have also chosen correct drives. Ironwolf pro or WD Red pro will come with a 5-year warranty ad work better/faster in multi bays environment like this.

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