Access remotely pdf, mkv, doc, avi, mp3

Via the new NAS, I hope to access my data (pdf, mkv, doc, avi, mp3,…) at home remotely and download them to my laptop at the site or watch/listen them online from the remote location.
I am a movie freak and do download many torrents. I need a server to keep them and do plan to grant to some of my friends remote-access to watch my movie collection via AppleTV (Plex + Infuse Pro combination)
I am going to place this NAS to my home in Turkey and there is Internet censorship, thus I need a VPN connection and wish, I had a constant VPN connection either via my modem (Linksys ACM3200WRT to be flashed) or directly via a virtual machine on the NAS(?)

For remote video streaming, you will either need transcoding engine or download options for watching without internet. The DS918+ will do the transcoding for even 4K video files in DS Video app and 1080p in Plex app. Both apps allow video downloading, so you don’t need to rely on internet connection. If you do want to stream over the internet you can do it with this NAS.

Internet censorship will apply only to the content you browse on the general internet. It will not affect your access to the content on your NAS. But if you prefer to stream USA Netflix and browse the internet like in the USA – you need to keep it in the USA. Built-in VPN function will allow you to connect to the internet from Turkey through your NAS and use the internet without Internet censorship. You can also use other VPN service providers and set it up inside the NAS or router. If you need alternative suggestion as well – then TS-453B will be good options with the built-in virtual switch.

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