Alternative to Google Photo storage which will end in June 1, 2021

First of all sorry for my bad english, I will try to make it simple. The main reason I was looking for NAS is to find alternative of google photo storage which will end in June 1, 2021 (It is a big topic now, maybe you can do a video for this :))

I am currently experiment with Windows SMB and PhotoSync (android), it will automatically transfer my photos to share folder when I place my phone at charging dock.

My requirement is simple,

1) work like google photo.
2) seamless, stable, reliable.
3) for no brainer & non techie to handle their photo & video.
4) SMB storage for local network
5) optional* network file backup, windows shadow copy, git
6) optional* VM to run ubuntu, webserver, pihole, nodejs or windows

The first thing I am looking at is AiFoto 3 and DS photo. From users review both are buggy, but asustor supports seem to be more proactive to resolve their issue.
I had done research for DS920+ and AS5304t through your youtube channel, but still it is hard to decide which is better. Synology seem promising (nvme cache, better internal software).

From your point of view, which photo/video app or brand solutions is better in 2020/2021?


Yes, Synology will be the best choice if you are looking for quality apps. DS Photo is an option or even Moments app with an integrated AI robot. You can filter images by location, date, and even people and objects found in those photos. You can automatically sync your phone and share any photo or gallery with your friends.

You can use value series NAS like DS218play or DS418 for this.

But if you want additional functionality like snapshots and file versioning which can protect your data against ransomware virus attacks or simply accidental file deletion then plus series NAS with built-in Celeron chip will be a better choice.

DS420+/ DS920+ will allow you to have snapshots and much more. It will replace also Dropbox with much better functions. You can even install Linus or Windows on this NAS virtual machines. Then you can connect from anywhere where is internet.

I hope this helps.




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