How can I get my library to another iTunes equivalent?

I currently have all my music on iTunes. I like to own and do not stream. It’s my cd’s and purchases from the iTunes library mainly. Some video and some films. I listen to my music through an iPad/MacBook Pro and 2 x iPods. My question is this. How can I get my library to another iTunes equivalent? And what will I need to do this? If I have been listening correctly to your YouTube channel, I’m talking software and hardware,right? I play my music over Bluetooth to a Samsung sound bar and Bluetooth speakers and a Sonos arc in another room. On another note I have dvds that I still watch through a DVD player.

Yes, this can become frustrating when you need to work around limits. If you prefer to own and store your own music collection you need to ensure that songs are easily accessible and safe. People who create iTunes server on their computer need to keep it running in order to access the music. Also, there is no backup or redundancy. If that hard drive fails, the music is gone.

NAS with two drives in a mirror copying each other automatically (or more drives with protection functions ) would be a safe way to go about this. This is a network hard drive which you can connect to your internet/broadband router and have access to it around the home or even remotely across the internet. It comes with an apps, where one of them is Itunes server. Click and install and now your music lives on this drive and is easily accessible. You can then use your phone or iPad as a remote to cast or stream music via Bluetooth or DLNA.

I would recommend Synology such as DS218play. Which is a cheap NAS but capable of mirroring drives and running iTunes server and more. You can also use Synology DS Audio app, which is similar to iTunes. All this and more you will find on the app center inside.




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