Best HDD for building a PC – single or dual?

internal storage recommendation

Hi, I’m currently looking for parts to build a pc and I’m looking for internal HDD options to use purely for storage, my idea is to get 4 TB or higher. what hdd would you recommend, and should I get one hdd or multiple (e.g. 4 TB or 2 x 2 TB)?

Surely the best performing drives would be SSD or Firecuda combo drives, but they cost quite a lot. But if you get a dual HDD you can merge them together using RAID1or RAID0. This way all data will be read/written using both drives simultaneously. This way you can double the speeds using mechanical drives. Speeds will be similar to SSD (but not IOPS).

For desktop PC use I would recommend WD Black drives for the best performance. If speed is not that important then Seagate Barracuda drives.



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