Best HDD hard drives for regular shut downs/ startups

As a DIT, I am planning on having a RAID on film sets. The RAID will be transported from location to location and will be turned on/off during each production day.

Would it be better to use WD RED drives for the RAID, or a WD BLUE/BLACK because it will be turned on/off multiple times?


Load/unload cycle counts.

On the WD Blue, it’s rated at 300,000 with a 2 year warranty and WD Red, it’s rated at 600,000 with a 3 year warranty. On the other hand, WD Black also have a load/unload count of 300,000 but it has a warranty of 5 years

Theoretically, in-home use you would never reach any of these numbers. But Blacks will be the best.

I hope this helps.


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