Best NAS for easy Backup video, audio, Photoshop files, pix, documents, etc

Best NAS for easy backup and access?

Hi — I have maybe 2 or 3 TB of stuff (video, audio, Photoshop files, pix, documents, etc) that I need to backup with a (nearly) worry-free system. Even better if it can back itself up to the cloud (Internet) for added security (or is that not available for NAS devices??). I’m not really interested in streaming videos, I just want fast access to files via my home WiFi and, if possible, via the Web when I’m on the road (but that’s not a must).

This is the beauty of NAS system. You can back up your computers and mobile devices. Everything will be nicely organized and accessible from anywhere with internet connection. At the same time, it is possible to encrypt sensitive data on the NAS so no one but you can access it. The most popular backup NAS is Synology J series. Even though it is the cheapest option it is still powerful enough to house many free apps and backup versioning control like Dropbox.

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