Best Quietest Hard Drives (HDD) list

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WDRed PlusWD140EFGX14TB20dBA Seek
Posted 9th Jan
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ToshibaSurveillanceMD06ACA800V 8TB34dB seek
Posted 9th Jan
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ToshibaSurveillanceDT02ABA600V6TB24dB seek
Posted 9th Jan
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My Pegasus 32 R6 DAS device’s 8TB Toshiba MD06ACA800V (surveillance models that came with the device) drives are very noisy with all the clicks, whirls pings etc. It is connected to my Mac Mini and it is used for storing datafiles, photographs and some videography. The Pegasus gets very noisy during the frequent TimeMachine backups and anti-virus disk scans.

To resolve this problem are there any quieter disks that I could replace the Toshiba’s with such as WD Red Plus / Pro, or Ironwolf NAS /Pro series ? I’m assuming that the Toshiba’s are 7200rpm. They do not have to be 8TB each, preferabley smaller 6TBs or 4 TBs, as I no longer require such a large volume of storage.

Additionally, I wonder if I could use solid state drives: though quite costly so would definately have to be smaller in volume? This opton though would utilise faster the Thunderbolt comms link to my Mac Mini: perhaps quieter fast HDDs would suffice?

Yes, you could use SSD in those bays (hoping there are extra screw holes for 2.5inch).
Otherwise Toshiba drives are the loudest drives there could be.
Having WD Red plus would reduce the noise quite a lot. Strange to hear they have used those drives though.

I hope this helps. People can share their recorded noise levels bellow:


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