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Hello! I have just found your site and this free advice option is really a cool stuff.
Well, I already own a qnap ts219PII (6Tb+1.5Tb without block, raid etc.) I use this nas only for intern media support, downloads. I have another nas- thecus N5550 with 4x3Tb in raid for 9Tb. I use this as a back-up for data/archiving etc. These run years already without problems. Recently I have just noticed that i am running low of the capacity in the thecus. So some development ideas came. I have a wall mount rack (12u) where the thecus is. The Qnap is in another room, where all lan cables come in from the house (very small rack, only for 2pcs of Zyxel switches). This room is the central. There is also a desktop computer in the room where the Qnap is.
This is the starting situation. My plan is to have rack mount server installed in my big rack(replacing the thecus). At least 8 bays (qnap or syno) with extension possibility. I need to have the possibility to easy increase the capacity, quick change of drives , data stored very safe, to have quick access, and would need not 24/7 but occasionally. However the qnap is (and shall be) the central of the media. If you would recommend a better media server than this , for me is fine. I need a 24/7 operation here, good media access, 4k etc. (I have Gbit lan wired in the house).
I would be very grateful to have an advice from you for storage servers, media servers and also drives to use (I have now WD reds)

A ts-853bu from Qnap is a multimedia friendly rackmount NAS. It features Intel® Celeron® J3455 quad-core 1.5GHz CPU which comes with a transcoding engine built in. This supports dual-channel 4K H.264 hardware decoding and on-the-fly or offline transcoding. It is very handy for streaming over the internet or mobile devices and older TVs. You can also expand it with UX-1200U-RP/UX-800U-RP expansion enclosures giving you more storage space later.
You can also add 10G card later, when this becomes a new Ethernet standard.
The best drives are still WD Red and Seagate Ironwolf.

I hope this helps.


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