Can a 4 bay snynology support 2 raid 1s

I am thinking of buying a ds418 4 bay nas. Seeing as I already have a 2 bay nas with raid 1 of 4 tb, is it possible to buy this new NAS, add two 8tb hard drives and then raid 1 them at the same time as my existing raid one within the same nas.
Current 2 * 4tb Raid 1
Potentially current + 2 * 8tb Raid 1
Therefore there will be asymmetrical drives however they are not raiding each other but being paired with their equivalent drives all within the same name.

I’ve looked over the internet but could not find such a scenario.

Yes, you can have two RAIDs or even every single disk set a as individual volume.

If your previous NAS is also Synology, you maybe be able to transfer the disks into a new NAS and change RAID to SHR. This allows to mix different capacity drives with a single drive redundancy or more.

But the answer is yes. You can create two RAID1 arrays.


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