QDA A2MAR and/or the QDA-A2AR compatibility

I plan on using the TVS-672XT for roon, plex, time machine backup of 1 Macbrook pro and NetBack Replicator backup of 2 Windows 10 PCs. and in addition storage of all our data and picture files.

The old TS-471 has 4 wd red 3 3tb in raid 5.

I am thinking 2 ironwolf 110 SSD 960 GB in raid 1 as hot data and 4 ironwolf pro 4 TB in raid 5 as cold data.

So nowhere can i find if the ironwolf 110 SSD is compatible with the TVS-672XT. I asked directly to seagate and qnap but no answer. Do you know if using the ironwolf ssd is ok with the TVS-672XT?

Also do you know is the QDA A2MAR and/or the QDA-A2AR can be used in the TVS-672XT? Any chance you have done a review of these or plan for the future?

Qnap have always been very slow with their hardware compatibility tests. Ironwolf SSD is being used in Qnap as well as Synology NAS and it works. But I would recommend using M.2 slots inside the 672XT. Those are NVMe super fast connections. It might be slightly more expensive then regular M.2 but it is several times faster.

For QDA A2MAR and/or the QDA-A2AR QTS 4.4.1 (or later) is required for the QNAP NAS.  QTS identifies the drives of QDA-A2MAR as a single volume.



1. All the drive data will be cleared upon drive initialization or RAID mode switching with the QDA-A2AR. Ensure that all data is backed up beforehand.
2. Window and Linux PC supports all four modes mentioned above. QTS does not support Individual mode.
3. It is recommended that only drives with identical model numbers and capacities are used to create a RAID 0/1 group because the total storage space will be equal to the size of the smallest drive.
4. The SATA controller of the PC must support port multipliers to recognize two drives in the Individual mode configuration. Consult your system provider and install the latest drivers for your SATA controller.
5. Installing a QNAP disk adapter in another QNAP disk adapter is not supported. (e.g. QDA-A2MAR cannot be installed in the QDA-A2AR.)
6. TR-002/TR-004 RAID expansion enclosures do not support QDA-A2AR/QDA-A2MAR.

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