Outdated firmware (SC60) for Ironwolf drives, which has the write cache disabled

Hi there. Been a fan of your Youtube channel which led to my recent purchase of the DS1019+.

I just stumbled upon a reddit post about the outdated firmware (SC60) for Ironwolf drives, which has the write cache disabled.

How do I update the drives (I have 2x 4TB running in SHR), and have filled them almost halfway to full storage space.

Is it safe to proceed? I am a complete newbie when it comes to NAS. Been following your channel and reading up to learn more.

You probably refer to this post:

This is quite annoying thing to see when you own few of these drives. But sooner or later Seagate themselves will release a firmware upgrade or Synology will patch this in their software.

But in real life situation you will not notice a difference even if the cache is off. Especially with model like DS1019+ which comes with its own NVMe cache option.

The other thing to keep in mind is that most of the desktop models are anyway limited to 1GbE (around 100MB/s) speed. People with 10GbE setups will be the one noticing the difference. But even then – only if repetitious data has been written to the drives all the time, which usually is not the case. Cache is something what NAS should look after not HDD.


I hope this helps.

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