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WD Red Pro 20TB NAS Hard Drive Review & Benchmark

Review of the MASSIVE WD Red Pro 20TB Hard Drive for NAS You really have to stop and marvel at the speed at which hard drives and storage, in general, grow every year. Despite the established rule of Moore’s law that these things double in size every two years, the very idea that Western Digital […]

WD Red Pro 20TB NAS Hard Drive Released – WD201KFGX

WD Red 20TB NAS Hard Drives Now Available Good news for anyone looking at buying a new NAS system and wanting to max out their storage on day one, or users looking up increasing their existing storage, with the release of the new WD Red Pro 20TB NAS Hard Drive. Arriving with the same level […]

New Seagate 20TB Ironwolf Pro and EXOS Hard Drive Revealed

Seagate 20TB Irownolf Pro and EXOS Hard Drives for NAS/Server It’s been in the pipeline for a while (originally revealed way back in Jan 2020 with hopes of arriving in Q1 2020 and developed deployed in the background since) that Seagate has had a planned 20 Terabyte 3.5″ SATA and SAS hard drive for 24×7 […]

WD Red SN700 vs Seagate Ironwolf 510 SSD for NAS Comparison

Comparing the Seagate Ironwolf 510 vs WD Red SN700 SSD – Which Should You Use in Your NAS? Over the last few years of NAS Drive releases from brands like Synology, QNAP and Asustor, we have seen most Prosumer and SMB releases arriving with support of either M.2 NVMe SSD bays, or PCIe slots that […]

Seagate Ironwolf 525 vs 510 NAS NVMe SSD Comparison

Comparing the Seagate Ironwolf 510 vs Seagate Ironwolf 525 – Which Should You Use in Your NAS? The Seagate Ironwolf series of NAS media has been around for a few years now and what started as a rebranding of their ‘NAS’ labelled series has now become a multi-tiered series of Hard drives and SSDs. Recently […]

WD Red or Red Plus or WD Red Pro?

WD Red vs Red Plus? I have just bought a DS220J and want to populate it in a RAID 1 configuration with two 2TB WD Red drives. I only want to use the NAS for local storage to serve files and to back up one or two local PCs. Would you recommend the Red or […]

Samsung 860 Pro vs WD Red SA500 vs Seagate IronWolf 125 SSD

Compatible SATA SSD storage for DS920+ I have been following your videos for some time and I decided to buy a Synology DS920+. I need your advise for I am a bit confused with regards to compatible storage SSD for the above model. I’d rather use SSD instead of HDD, for I had several “traumatic” […]

Ironwolf 525 vs WD SN700 vs Firecuda 530

Ironwolf 525 vs WD SN700 vs Firecuda 530   These are very similar spec and endurance M.2 SSDs. Things to look at MTBF and TBW. The best between these three is  Ironwolf 525 Second place to Firecuda 530 And a third place to WD SN700   But again, they all are very similar.   Ironwolf […]

IronWolf 525 SSD specs

IronWolf 525 SSD Future-Proof Speed IronWolf 525 boosts NAS caching and tiered storage solutions to the next level with PCIe Gen 4 speeds up to 5000MB/s, while maintaining backward compatibility with PCIe Gen 3 systems Always On, Always Accessible Designed to deliver performance in demanding 24×7 low latency, multi-user environments, enabling fast access to data […]

Is WD Red SSD compatible with Synology NAS?

DS720+ with SSD I have a DS720+ with Seagate Ironwolf HDD. My problem is that the HDD is very noisy. I was thinking of replacing the HDD with an SSD. (Specifically a WD Red 4TB SSD.) According to Synology this SSD is not compatible with this NAS, but compatible with DS718+. Question is that the […]

WD Red Pro vs Gold – user reviews

Comment on Two reasons I choose WD Gold over WD Red Pro. (1) WD Gold runs about 10 deg F cooler – may lead to longer drive life. This is from having them in the same enclosure for months before I fully switched over to Golds. (2) In a RAID5 array, which is probably […]

Before you buy Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives

In appreciation of your assistance in your below email, I thought I’d update you with some information I learned about Seagate Iron Wolf NAS drives that might be helpful to your user-base. I learned this information in connection with researching the drive I just purchased – an 8TB Iron Wolf.   The specs for the […]

Best Hard Drives for NAS – 2021

Choosing the Best Hard Drives for your NAS For those of you that have decided to buy a NAS server for Home or business, choosing the right hard drive media to put inside can be incredibly difficult. NAS drives, much like the knives, spoons and forks in your cutlery drawer are all designed to be […]

WD Red VS Seagate Ironwolf

Beginner NAS drive WD Red or Seagate IronWolf ? CMR / SMR ? I am looking for reliability. Main usage is to store photos and videos. Not too heavy usage. Which NAS ? I am thinking of Buying Qnap TS-251D-2G. I like HDMI streaming without latency and PCIe for future wireless use. Also, access through […]

It’s Here! WD Red™ Pro 16TB & 18TB

It’s Here! WD Red™ Pro 16TB & 18TB for Growing Productivity Needs WD Red™ Pro 16TB and 18TB hard disk drives (HDDs) are custom designed for NAS, to help your organization back up, remotely access and collaborate with co-workers seamlessly. The way we work and learn has changed significantly in 2020 and it’s still evolving. Seemingly […]

Ultrastar DC HC320 vs Ironwolf drives

What are your thoughts on the Ultrastar DC HC320 8TB HD? on amazon there is a good deal for them. for a 2 bay nas like asustor lockerstor 2 or synology ds718+ are they a good fit in terms of noise and heating? I’ve read that they a no more noisier than ironwolf when copying, […]

Where can I buy old 2TB/3TB/4TB/6TB EFRX CMR WD Red drives (HDD)

Where can I buy old 2TB/3TB/4TB/6TB EFRX CMR WD Red drives (HDD) If you have existing RAID with old 2TB/3TB/4TB/6TB EFRX CMR drives and you need a replacement drive or you want to expand your RAID with an extra drive make sure you get a right drive. You may want to get a spare drive […]

WD Red Pro NAS vs WD Ultrastar DC HC500

WD Red Pro NAS vs WD Ultrastar DC HC500 We’re upgrading to a 16 bay Synology NAS and am struggling with storage choices. I’m looking at both WD Red Pro NAS and WD Ultrastar in the 14TB flavor. Will one be better for this application? This quite an easy question answer. Ultrastar drives are made […]