Can I use 1GbE LAN port on a NAS while 10GbE port is connected?

I am looking at adding a 10gbe card to the NAS. I am assuming the original giga port will remain functional?! What I am wondering is can I have my main 10gbe lan connection run into the 10gbe port, then use the 1gb original port to go to a switch and run all my 1gb stuff? I hope that makes sense…

Yes, if you have multiple LAN ports on your NAS, you can use them in different ways. 10GbE is usually backward compatible allowing you to connect it even to 1Gbit switch. Even if you do connect it to a 10Gbit switch you can still connect 1GbE port to a separate switch or router. People often connect via 10GbE to the computer directly and 1GbE to a router. This gives them also a connection to the internet.

If you have multiple 1GbE ports, you can enable load balancing or link aggregation (trunking). This either allows more people access at full 1Gbit speed or double the 1GbE giving someone 2Gbit bandwidth to work with.


I hope this helps.

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