Can not install Plex on Synology- error 32400

Port 32400 configured for this package is either used by another service or reserved for system use. Please disable or modify the conflicting service, or contact the developer to modify the package configuration.

  1. Uninstall the app in Package Center
  2. Control Panel – Users – Delete user – Plex
  3. Control Panel – Shared Folders – Delete the Plex share.
  4. Restart the NAS

Now Plex and all support mechanisms have been completely removed

If that didn’t help. You need to find out what is using this port and deactivate it. Here is how you find out about all ports used on Synology:

Use a command “sudo netstat -lp” on Putty

Here is how to enable Terminal :

You can also see default ports Synology use here:

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