do the 2200ac’s have to plug directly into the 2600ac?

One confusion I have is on the Synology Mesh… do the 2200ac’s have to plug directly into the 2600ac? or just anywhere on the switch?

This is a very popular question. The answer is no. First of all, you have to put the mesh points in the area they will cover. Then power them on and wait for the blinking blue light. And use the app to link to the main router. When it is done, you can connect them all via Ethernet cable if you need guaranteed Gigabit connection. If there is a good coverage you should get 1Gbit connection wirelessly without connecting any cables (5Ghz). You can then connect your computers via the ethernet cable to your mesh points. This is very useful for houses where running cables is a difficult task.

Here I made some screengrabs of how it looks before and after the mesh setup.

I hope this helps.

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