Cheapest NAS for 4K editing

I want to be able to video edit 4k footage with a NAS device I have roughly 1000$ US to spend what are your recommendations?

The cheapest option would TS-253Be or TS-251D with a 10GbE card and 5GbE/10GbE Qnap adapter on your computer. If you need more storage then TS-453Be / TS-451D would and option or other NAS with PCIe slot. CPU would need to be minimum Celeron. And HDD will be limiting factor for overall speed. PRO drives be faster then regular NAS drives and SSD would give you absolutely best performance.

But in a long run you may consider TVS-472XT/672XT/872XT models which allow more then one user and features Thunderbolt for easier connectivity. But still capable of collaboration via 10GbE.


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