Direct read or write on NAS – animation on Toon Boom Harmony

First of all thanks a lot for your amazing content,
I watched and read hours of your incredibly informative reviews, and decide to get a NAS for my small team, we mainly do animation on Toon Boom Harmony, and I was thinking if it’s possible to read and write directly on the NAS I mean the data of the files will be on the NAS while we are working on them on our PCs. that would help us a lot to be organized as the animation pipeline is quite complex where if each one of us operates on his machine it would be hard to collect the files later on and create lots of issues that we are dealing with at the moment.
I am thinking of TVS-872XT on a 10GB network.

Yes, NAS would help you to organize things since everyone’s work would live on the same NAS. Thanks to a 10Gbit Ethernet connectivity you will also be able to work directly of the NAS and collaborate with other people. Even if some of the software might not allow working from a network drive, you can create several ISCSI disks tricking the software that network drive is actually an internal disk of the computer.
TVS-x72XT series are really popular choice among video editors. You get a Thunderbolt connection for those who do not have faster Ethernet access and 10GbE for those who have. Cache slots and DDR4 memory also boosts the NAS performance and user experience.
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