Do I get the DX517 or get a 1819+

I have filled a 918+ in short order. My question is do I get the DX517 or get a 1819+ So i can run
SHR2 and one volume. I use it s a large PLEX server, data server for my family and backup will be
adding mail server soon.

I would definitely get a DX517 expansion box. There is no other NAS out there from Synology which could cope with multimedia as good.
DS1819+ features a weaker processor. As long as your stream locally it will work fine. But when it needs to transcode on the fly when a destination device needs the file conversion, then it will not do as good job as ds918+.

Applied Models
  • DS1819+
  • DS1817+
  • DS1817
  • DS1618+
  • DS1517+
  • DS1517
  • DS918+
  • DS718+
  • DS218+
  • NVR1218

Independent volumes only: DS218+


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