DS1817+ SSD for M2D18 card

M2D18 with 970 EVO

For my DS1817+ I bought an M2D18 Adapter Card and added 2*1TB EVO 970 nVme from Samsung (not officially supported by Synology). The newest version of DSM doesn’t recognize the cache. Is one part out of order or do I have a problem with compatibility?

DS1817+ does not support NVMe drives, You need to get regular M.2 SATA speed SSD drives.

Supported SSD drives are as follow:

  • Samsung SSD 860 EVO M.2
  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2
Applied Models
  • FS1018
  • RS2818RP+
  • RS2418RP+
  • RS2418+
  • DS3018xs
  • DS1819+
  • DS1618+
  • FS2017
  • RS18017xs+
  • RS4017xs+
  • RS3618xs
  • RS3617xs+
  • RS3617RPxs
  • RS1219+
  • RS818RP+
  • RS818+
  • DS3617xs
  • DS1817+
  • DS1517+


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