Downgrade DSM7 to DSM6

Enable SSH

Download Putty. Choose SSH connection. Use port 22 and IP of your NAS.

Login using your user name and password.


Edit a file of DSM version

Use ESC key to switch to command mode and key I for edit mode. Save it in command mode using :wq!

Find your NAS


Start installation process

Choose to keep or not the configuration and files.


Select DSM file


Allow it to install


Error that it doesn’t support this OS.


Connect via Putty as a root this time


[root] with a password: 101-0101

Edit a version file


Save it with command :wq

Select DSM 6 OS file

Allow it to install



Reboot the NAS


You now have DSM6 installed.












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One thought on “Downgrade DSM7 to DSM6

  1. Since I downgraded to 6.2.4 I cant get some of the packages to work or install. I get a vapid send server error of boot up. Any suggestions

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