DS114 vs DS119j or DS118

DS114 vs DS119j

I love my DS114, that I’ve had since it was released, and it has served me well for home use. I’m ready to upgrade, to a more recent single-bay Synology NAS.

Ideally I’d go for the DS118, but I was wondering what you think instead about the comparison between the DS114, and the DS119j, in terms of performance? For the budget price, would it still outperform the DS114?

I see that the DS119j has quite low memory, but does the dual-core processor in it make up for that, compared to the single core processor in the DS118?

Also, are you aware of any DS120 news? Is it likely that a successor to the DS118 will be released next year? If so, I may hold off a few months and buy a more future proofed 2020 model!


Choosing j series NAS would really mean going backwards in terms of performance. I would rather bot upgrade at all. DS119j comes with Marvell Armada 370 1.2 GHz CPU which is a very slow peace of hardware. If you do want to move forwards then get a replacement NAS from the same range. DS118 is going to last you another 5 years. It can even transcode 4K using Synology DS Video app. It will be a much better choice if you want to use it for more then a simple network attached storage space.

I hope this helps.


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