How to upgrade the NAS to be 4K editing ready?

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Love your channel, it has definitely helped me get my head around NAS.
I’m currently working with a Synology RS816 with 4 x 8TB WD Reds. Was originally using it for backup only for our video production and editing work, but then worked out a way to edit my Final Cut Pro files directly off the Synology via Ethernet. The system has been great, but it is struggling with 4K footage and space is running out, so I’m thinking of upgrading to a DS1819+, adding an extra 4 x 8tb WD Red NAS drives.

Its currently setup in SHD RAID config.

A few questions:

– Would I benefit with going the Red Pro drives? Would the 7200 speed actually give me any performance boost editing video?
– Should I get the MSD18 card? Will this improve my performance video editing.?
– Or would the 10GbE be a better upgrade?

At the moment it is only me accessing video files from the NAS, but in the near future there will be upto 2 other editors accessing files on the system.

Obviously my aim is to reduce latency and lag in my system. I’ve been surprised at the performance of the RS816 with video in this way, and would think that on specs alone, the DS1819+ would be a huge improvement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You could potentially drag this thing longer if you had a smart switch (eg Netgear managed switch and 10GbE or 5GbE adapter). You could link aggregate two ports at the back of the NAS into a smart switch. And either two LAN connections into dual LAN adapter in PC. Or if smart switch also feature 10GbE port, then you can connect to your PCI via 5GbE or 10GbE (10GbE is backwards compatible).

But if you plan to have more editors in the future then, it is better to upgrade it properly.

First you need to identify a bottleneck. And it is Gigabit connection. Geting DS1819+ or DS3617xs would allow you to have more drives and multiple 10GbE ports. More drives (or faster SSD) will usually mean better data transfer speeds. Pro drives will have better performance then regular NAS drives because they are made for constant use and no sleep time.

Cache card will not give you much benefit at video editing unless you often use the same files, then that could be cached speeding up things. But this is more like an optional extra when all other things are upgraded.


I hope this helps.

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