DS1520+ compatible RAM upgrade

DS1520+ compatible RAM upgrade

RAM upgrade specs

Hi, thank you for all the info you provide on your website plus videos on YouTube. You’re my go to guy for anything NAS related.
My only question is – for Synology DS1520+, I see that it has 1 RAM slot available – what’s the max upgrade that it can allow, and what specs / make of RAM should I consider.

There is no difference to DS920+ and DS720+. DS1520+ features the same CPU and therefore also the same RAM.

DS1520+ DDR4-2666 non-ECC unbuffered SO-DIMM 260pin 1.2V D4NESO-2666-4G

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Crucial 8GB – Buy Here

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Remove a Memory Module from Synology NAS

Follow the steps below to remove, install, or check a memory module on your Synology NAS.
To remove the memory module
1 Shut down your Synology NAS. Disconnect all cables from your Synology NAS to prevent possible damage.
2 Remove the hard drive trays from the drive bays. The memory slot is located on the inner right side of your
Synology NAS.

Note: When you remove the drive trays, sensitive internal components are exposed. Avoid touching anything other
than the memory assembly when removing or adding memory


3 Push the levers on both sides of the memory module outward. The memory module will be released from its



4 Hold the memory module by its edges and remove it from the slot.
5 Insert the drive trays back into the drive bays.
6 Reconnect the cables removed in step 1, then press the power button to turn on your Synology NAS.


To install the memory module
1 Follow step 1 and 2 of the “To remove the memory module” section to shut down your Synology NAS,
disconnect the cables and remove the drive trays.
2 Insert the new memory module into the empty slot:
a Align the small gap between the gold connectors of the memory module with the notch on the empty slot.
Insert the memory module into the slot. Make sure that the module is properly inserted.
b Gently push down the memory module until you hear a click.


• Hold the memory module by its edges and avoid touching the gold connectors.
• Synology will not provide full product warranty or technical support if a non-Synology memory module is
used for memory upgrade.

3 Insert the drive trays back into the drive bays.
4 Reconnect the cables removed in step 1, then press the power button to turn on your Synology NAS.
To make sure your Synology NAS recognizes the new memory capacity
1 Install DiskStation Manager (DSM). Please see “Install DSM on Synology NAS” for more information.
2 Sign into to DSM as admin or a user belonging to the administrators group.
3 Go to Control Panel > Info Center and check Total Physical Memory.
If your Synology NAS does not recognize the memory or does not start up successfully, please make sure that
the memory module is installed correctly.


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One thought on “DS1520+ compatible RAM upgrade

  1. I tried the 32GB module of the same stick that is recommended here in 16GB form on a DS1520+, and the 32GB stick did not work at all. The Synology never completed booting, the power light flashed the entire time, and after hours of waiting I turned it off and replaced the original memory stick. I will try again with the 16GB version recommended here.