One vs 2 drives. And how to download movies from Netflix and Disney+

I’ve got a New Synology 1520+

and this hardware:
Sony STR-DN1070 – Hi-Res audio 7.2 AV-receiver
Optoma GT1070Xe – Bright short throw home entertainment projector

A few questions:
I like to buy 1 Seagate IronWolf Pro, 16TB (ST16000NE000) ore is it better to get 2 Seagate IronWolf Pro, 8TB (ST8000NE001) whats best?
I want to play Disney+ on my Projector, they say i need to buy a Google Chromecast Ultra
( There’s a new Google Chromecast with Google TV release 30.09.2020, should i wait for it ore buy the Ultra )
Does it work?
Also Like to store Disney+ Downloads on Synology 1520+
How to do this? also Netfix …
I’m a new Nas user.

Having a single drive would allow you to expand your storage space to a greater size. But make sure you have a backup.
Having two drives in RAID1 would keep a mirror of the first drive but capacity would be halfed. Having RAID0 would double the space but needs backup.
The best would be 3 drives in RAID5 then you still get 2 thirds of storage space.

About downloading, it will not be possible. These websites are only allowing to download to mobile devices and no longer to keep then few days.
Unless you figure out how to. You can use a virtual machine and install an android OS on it. Then you can download files. But again they will allow to save only for few days.

I hope this helps.



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