DS1520+ or DS1621+ for PLEX

I’m leaning toward a Synology NAS, but I’m conflicted between the DS1520+ and the DS1621+.

The primary application is data backup, and I’d like the NAS to have at least four bays. The secondary application is Plex–initially streaming videos but at some point will cut the cord. At some later date I might want to use the NAS to capture security camera video streams.

I’m leaning toward the DS1520+ because it supports hardware transcoding and the DS1621+ doesn’t, and the DS1520+ costs $200 less, but I don’t know if hardware transcoding is important in my application, and I don’t know if there are other features that should concern me or even other NAS boxes I should consider.

I have one 4K TV and one 1080p TV that would be streaming from the Plex server, as well as a few laptops and tablets and smartphone.
Given the above, what would you advise?


Yes, DS1520+ do have multimedia friendly hardware. But none of these models would handle 4K Plex transcoding (only in Video Station app). But both models would easily cope with 1080p content.
If you stream media locally only, then transcoding is not necessary. If you stream 4K video on a 4K TV. You can keep a second copy (1080p for the older TV).
In this case, any plus series NAS will serve just fine.

I hope this helps.

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