DS418play or DS918+ or TS-453B for home multimedia centre FHD and 4K

I would like to buy my first NAS and I would like to ask you which one should I choose for the following purposes:
-storing my photos and videos from my DSLR camera (RAW and 1080p 60 videos) -parallel
-store 4k videos
-use as a mediacenter at home with a 4k TV
-use as media server (videos / photos) for family and friends
-edit my RAW format photos, sometimes 1080p videos (maybe later 4K)

I would like to buy a 4 bays NAS, I have seen Synology DS 418 play and Qnap 453 Be, but I can’t choose. Qnap has the HDMI Port but it is only 1,4b not the best for 4K Videos. Should is use the NAS as a plex server? The next level the TS-453B and the DS918+ are expensive for me. Could you suggest me which should I buy or should I simply look for another NAS?

For streaming only purposes all of these NAS will do a good job.  Go for the cheapest of the three then. The best remote streaming NAS will be DS418play and DS918+ (model for adding expansion unit and cache for webserver). The TS-453B /Be will do a similar job but has limited video file support for transcoding. The 53B series HDMI port is useful if your TV has no LAN (network) port. You can stream videos over HDMI up to a 4k 30Hz.

My personal suggestion would be DS418play, which will do all that you ask for a reasonable price. I would recommend using the Synology DS Video app for video streaming because Plex will be more resource demanding (It will stream mainly locally).

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