DS718+ VS TS-251D For Multimedia

Please help me, because i’m lost.
I need a NAS to DLNA with fast transcoding for samsung smart tv. I can’t choose between Synology DS718+ and Qnap TS-251d or 251+. At the moment i have TS-228.

Please help me to choose.

Qnap TS-251D is indeed their latest model with up to date hardware inside. It is capable of transcoding 4K and several FHD streams simultaneously. But DS918+ and DS718+ feature 4 cores allowing to transcode even more streams. Synology 18+ series feature J3455 CPU with a benchmark score 2132   which is around 30% faster then 251D with score 1552.

Even though Qnap TS-251D feature newer graphics chip, the DS718+ can handle mode video formats. Very important difference is H265 10bit decoding. This is popular standard for new 4K TVS with an HDR support.

I hope this helps.

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