DS720+ Plex transcoding

Good for 4k transcoding? Price?

Hi, I’m looking to buy a fast NAS to transfer files quickly and to transcode 4k video on Plex. I’ve seen that Synology just introduced 720+.
Will it be capable to transcode 4k easily?
How much would be the price in diskless version?

You can transcode 4K easily using Synology DS Video app. But Plex is a much more resource-demanding app and it will not transcode 4K videos. The best you can do is transcode 1080p. Alternatively you can use offline transcoding options. This will automatically prepare video versions compatible for online streaming or compatible with mobile devices and TVs.

Plex performance will be very similar to DS718+ but you might have few extra 1080p streams. And maybe some really low lever 4K. MP4 format if anything.

But it would better to find a good deal on DS718+ instead.


Here is how it would perform inDS Video. Look at 4K Group 1.

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