HDD Drives for Areca DAS box

Iron Wolf 6tb In 12 Drive Areca

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A while ago I purchased 7x 6tb IronWolf drives from New Egg due to a decent deal. It was my intention to put them in an 8 bay QNAP. I’ve since changed my mind and am now looking at the 12 Bay Areca due to the similar price and Thunderbolt 3 Capability. What issues can I expect from putting the 7x Iron Wolf Drives + 5 (iron wolf Pro or Exos drives) in the 12 Bay? I’m going purely for speed and reliability (raid 6) with this setup.

The only issue you may be facing is access times. These drives go to hibernation when not used. So good thing is – no noise. The downside is few seconds wait until they start-up after not using them for a longer time.

Regards to a RAID, all of these drive are 7200RPM so the speed is similar. The Ironwolf drives very likely to slow things down a bit be unable to catch up with Pro drive speed. But overall performance will not be that much different.


The best drives for DAS boxes are WD Black, Or Exos, WD HGSTI.


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