DS720+ vs DS718+

DS720+ vs DS718+

I would like to seek for your guidance in terms of choosing Synology DS720+. When I learned about this NAS, I was sure it is the right choice for me until I watched your comparison with DS718+. On the paper the DS720+ looks great – new CPU, soldered but faster memory, M2 slot, more future-proof. On the other hand, the previous version – DS718+ – has a better esthetics, metal casing, two memory slots, 3 USB ports. As a disadvantages of DS720+ I would count a worse build quality, only 2 USB ports, no use of M2 slots (at least I don’t see a real advantage) and some performance problems in PLEX. The only disadvantage of DS718+ I can see is that it has a 3-year-old hardware.
I’m planning to use NAS at home, as a private movie and photo library for 2-3 users. Until I learned about PLEX and VideStation I was planning to use the NAS only as a storage. Now I have more interest in media playback on the NAS. In the other video you’ve reported that DS720+ has some problems in PLEX. Do you think it can be fixed with driver update?
There is a sale at my local store and both devices cost the same. Which one would you recommend – the DS720+ or the DS718+?

Yes, the new model does feature NVMe SSD cache slots. This can be very useful If you run a web server, virtual machines, or have 10+ users. Otherwise for general home use and video streaming these extra improvements will not bring much of the benefits.

Yes, Plex have not yet created up to date software for this new CPU, but there is a community-made fix to sort out transcoding issues. But this will be no use with future updates.

I hope this helps.


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