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Hello, I have a 5.1.4 home theater system that cost me over $30,000 USD including:

– 77″ LG GX OLED
– Marantz SR8012 reciever
– Sonus faber Sonetto speakers 5.0
– Sonus faber gravis-v subwoofer
– 4x Sonus faber PC-582 for Atmos
– upstairs I have two Nvidia Shields attached to two 65″ TV’s in two separate rooms
– HTPC that can run 4k, HDR, and dolby atmos

Now all of these devices are wire connected to AmpliFi Aliens router. If I want to add a NAS workstation for media to store and playback 4K movies,

– The router doesn’t have link aggregation support, will that effect the speed and access time to movies from the NAS? Keep in mind that I am not interested of using NAS to access it from outside my network to play movies, only the three TVs will have direct access hardwired to the router, my HTPC will play on the main TV, and Nvidia Shields will play on the other TVs.

– will the speed to access the movies and play them back will be as fast as if I run them from the internal storage of the HTPC?

– If the speed is the same as accessing the HTPC HDD, What type and model do you recommend for me?

I appreciate your time and support.

A NAS is simply a storage space in your network. You will be able to see it and create a permanent connection with it on a HTPC, Nvidia Shield TV and TV itself.
The speed of a regular NAS is limited to 120MB/s. Your internal drives are working around 150-200MB/s (SSD around 500MB/s) but you switch and router is downsizing the bandwidth back to 100MB/s. WiFi is a big improvement and sometimes happens to run even faster than Gigabit Ethernet, but not often.
Either way, the speed of 1Gbit (120MB/s) is sufficient to stream your 4K videos. For streaming 8K I would recommend connecting via Ethernet.
Nowadays everyone starts switching to 2.5/ 5 and even 10Gbit Ethernet since Broadband has become faster than local Ethernet.

If you are not planning on upgrading your ethernet and do not want to change your switch/router I would recommend Synology. Their software is so advanced that it can use multiple ports to transfer the data. Similar to link aggregation, but it is called load balancing which works with any switch without configuring it.
DS1819+ would allow you to also upgrade to 10GbE eventually and have SSD cache to speed things ups.

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