Best NAS to run a WordPress site

WordPress / Synology model / speed

What is the optimal synology NAS CPU for my wordpress site. My D715 needs replacement, the site runs slow.
Does the CPU make a lot of difference? Xeon or Atoms.. Does memory effect WP performance?
I know there are a lot of variables, but there is not a lot of reference to wordpress performance & Synology models…

The most important component for web server is anything to increase the IOPS.
At the top of the list is storage media. SSD or even NVMe would speed things up a lot. Then cache keeping most often accessed data available at any given time.
If you do have dynamic pages with functions and calculations then CPU will play its role. Once all the data is loaded into RAM than CPU need to do calculations. But this will depend on a number of users access your server. Having one million visits a month requires Pentium or once core from Xeon CPU. Otherwise, the Celeron CPU will cope just fine. So new DS718+ / 920+ is a good solution to start with.

I hope this helps.

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