file server/VM host for my AD/DNS NAS storage

Currently, I have a simple workstation at home (i7) with just a bunch of disks and a couple of VMs running basically as a file server/VM host for my AD/DNS.
I work in cloud devops and am looking at acquiring a 2RU rack server for esx host and then having an attached NAS and am thinking the Synology 1817 that I can then play with things like OpenStack or vRA.
My preferred use is to migrate my workstation vms to the new server with the storage attached to the NAS with iSCSI dedicated for some of the storage.
I want to then have some storage dedicated to simple file server capabilities for home use.
My question is around whether I would be best to go with a combination of say 4x1TB SSD and 4x3TB HDD or if I just go all HDD because of limited performance increases.

Always look for the weakest link in the chain. This time DS1817 come with dual 10GbE and dual 1GbE offering potentially over 2GB/s bandwidth and IOPS around 28K. The 4x1TB SSD and 4x3TB HDD is definitely better solution than filling it all with HDD. Few SSD will outperform fully populated NAS with HDDs. When working with Virtualization fast access times are crucial.

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