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I have a Synology NAS drive on my network with 500 plus CD’s ripped onto it in FLAC (that’s what happens when you have too much time on your hands after a heart op!)
The only way I can currently play these back is through a Roberts Radio called Stream 94i, and while this is OK for a casual listen I would like to use the NAS with a Hi Fi setup. and want a high quality “box” that will connect to the NAS via WiFi and then plug into a Hi Fi setup.
I do not need music streaming services such as Spotify, but if the box has to have them then Ok.
Any ideas?

I would recommend Synology when choosing a best NAS for music streamed over WiFi. Qnap do allow connecting via HDMI and Asustor via optical but if you don’t want a NAS next to a music system, this is not an option. If you music system feature WiFi or Ethernet function then practically you could use any NAS. But if you might want to listen to music while away from home, DS Audio app will always allow you to connect.
I would also recommend having a SONOS sound system if you don’t have a compatible one yet.

​​​​​​​I hope this helps.


Here is how to set it up.


Using a NAS drive with Sonos

NAS stands for Network-Attached Storage. A network-attached storage is a centralized repository device for all your data storage and file sharing needs. It connects to your network, making your music library songs accessible from all your devices, including Sonos.

Unlike a traditional hard drive that connects to your computer, a NAS drive comes equipped with an operating system that allows it to operate without the use of a computer. This is especially beneficial if you do not want to keep your computer on at all times, or turn it on every time you want to play music. Storing your music on a NAS drive eliminates the need for a computer, saves energy, and allows access to your music at all times.

Requirements for using a NAS with Sonos
Sonos works with any NAS drive that supports the SMB(v1) / CIFS file sharing protocol. Sonos does not recommend any particular model of NAS drives.

Adding music stored on my NAS to my Sonos Music Library
Before attempting to add the NAS drive to your music library, gather the following information (typically found in the NAS drive’s web configuration page, or within the software that came with the device):

  1. Network path of the NAS drive (examples below)
  2. Username and password (if required) for the shared folder

Examples of default network path and parent folders of common NAS drives:

  • MyBookLive – \\MyBookLive\Public
  • WD MyCloud – \\WDMYCLOUD\Public
  • GoFlex Home – \\GoFlex_Home\GoFlex Home Public
  • Apple Time Capsule – \\TimeCapsuleName\Data
  • All the necessary information for Apple Time Capsule can be found in the AirPort Utility. Please note that there is no specific username for the Time Capsule, you can use anything for the username (just don’t leave it blank), but the password will be your Time Capsule password.

Once you have the necessary information above, you can use any Sonos controller to add the NAS drive to Sonos.

  • On iOS or Android: From the Settings tab, tap System > Music Library > Music Library Setup and tap Add Shared Music Folder.
  • On Mac or PC: Select Manage > Music Library Settings. Click “+” (Mac) or “Add” (PC) and select the third option; “On a networked device such as a network attached storage (NAS) drive.” Follow the in-app instructions to complete the setup.

Troubleshooting tips

  • SMB requires that the computer name is no more than 15 characters, with no special characters or spaces. Make sure your NAS drive’s name is not too long. Consult with the manufacturer for information on how to change the NAS drive name.
  • Don’t use mapped drive letters when entering the path to the NAS (e.g., Y:\\). The drive letter is only recognizable by the computer it is mapped to.
  • If your playlists are missing after adding the NAS to your music library, make sure to copy the playlist file to the shared folder on the NAS drive.
  • If you are unable to access the music library on the NAS, try accessing the drive from another device, such as your computer, to confirm it is powered on and available.







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