DS718+ vs TS-453D

Synology DS920+ or QNAP 453D

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1. Time Machine for MBP and iMac
2. Backup of Photos and MP3 collection
3. Plex Server
4. MP3 remote access (if that’s possible)

Need to know which one is better 920+ or 453D. Your advice?

If you have 2.5Gbit Network or if you want to upgrade to 10Gbit then x453D series make more sense. You get this connectivity and you will be able to upgrade via PCIe slot. Also, HDMI2.0 for those who want to connect to a TV via HDMI and not Wifi/Ethernet.

Apart from extra 2 bays for additional storage, they both feature the same RAM and CPU. So things like Plex performance will be the same. Both models will support backing up things on Windows as well as serve as a Timemachine.

You can also stream your MP3 over the internet or locally. Or even connect to Alexa and have voice control.


I hope this helps.



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