Future proof NAS with HDMI 2.0 and more

I spent few hours on QNAP website and on yours. I bought a Thecus 5200Pro in 2007 for my home. I ran it for more than 10 years, almost 24×7. I had recently HDD crash (5xWD Re entreprise 500GB disks). I would like to change my NAS for several reason like the lack of support/software, the laxk of HDD compatibility

I have several questions, but first

My needs and preferences:

– I have a MSc in electronics and I’m a geek. I hate Mac. I have Amiga, PC, android,…
– My IT home infrastructure is getting older. I have 1GbE at the moment, an very old desktop PC and an old laptop at the moment.
– I prefer to have a 4 or 6 bays NAS with lower HDD capacity but with hot spare and RAID 5. Now I need 6To, but I don’t know how much it will be in 5 years
– I used to download a lot and was struggling for several years now. I bought external HDD because I didn’t want to invest in new compatible disks for the Thecus as the NAS became very old. But it is a temporary solution. I’d like to roll back everything on my NAS.
– I would like to use more NAS software, like dropbox, maybe also make the NAS as a dropbox, want to use the DLNA feature or even a direct HDMI connection (I’m not a fan of HDMI below 2.0) maybe for the future
– I would have the possibility to use security camera if I decide to buy some of them in the future.
– I do a little bit of video on my desktop computer (importing, editing video with a 4k gopro) and want to watch the videos from the server without any problems
– Probably I will use fantastic features I don’t even imagine
– I’m ready to pay a lot but I want to use it for more than 5 years. 10 Will be perfect ! But I don’t want to throw my money neither for just a little feature I will never use. And if I have a NAS for 10 years, I don’t want to be blocked in 5 years because I couldn’t put 40GbE if I need or I don’t know what else…

1. If I take a QNAP, I have absolutely no idea of which one to choose. For the thecus it was simple, at the time I took the best one and most expansive one (never looked for NAS above 6 bays). But now I’m afraid to pay for needs I won’t use. I’m not a professional for video, I will not use virtualization (at least no need until now). I’m more a generalist.
The list I struggled for is : TVS-677 (but not video output and become very expansive except if you have a big argument), TVS-682 (price become high if I don’t use its capabilitiies), TVS-471 (not the last generation of NAS), TVS-473/e (price a little bit high for HDMI 1.4), TVS-463 (older ?), TS-x53A/B/Be (why not, just a pity for HDMI, but great features)

2. I red your article with the difference between Asustor and QNAP. I’m tempt by Asustor with the softwares but I fear to have to much tinkering.

3. In your video comparing Synology and QNAP (sorry I’m not and English native speaker and you speak a little bit to fast for me) you said maybe that some apps are available for synology and not for qnap. What about if I needs these applications (same questions as number 2). Do you have a website to look what is available for softwares on QNAP, synology and asustor.

4. I was quite unlimited with my budget before and I wanted tthe best for my HDDs. I was not too much disappointed with my Wd RE HDD.
Now I struggled between WD Gold, WD Red Pro and WD Red as I have my NAS powered on 24×7 but I don’t read or write 24×7…
Same as before. Ready to pay if I can hold the disks for 10 years instead of 5 for example.


there is really not many options to choose from. If you want something reliable and up to date – it is Qnap or Synology. But Synology does not do HDMI at all, so you are left with Qnap. But Qnap really supports HDMI2.0 on x82 series NAS. You might think it is an overkill, but actually, it is exactly what you need to last for next 10years. Any other NAS is featuring Celeron or similar processors which are made to be replaced every 2-3 years. Anything with Intel core CPU will last years to come. Also, 4K editing will require everything what x82 series feature- upgradability. Qnap is constantly competing with Synology offering very similar apps and even better hardware innovation. Once all the things will be set up and running in the background this NAS will perfectly cope with the tasks given. And most important – it will cope with future software updates which normally slow other NAS down with every new update.


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