Future-proof NAS

Can’t decide on which NAS to get. I’m looking to buying a Nas with a total capacity for 40 TB willing to spend up to 2000 pounds for it but I won’t something that’s future proof and robust and will be able to perform even 10 years down the line. 2000 pounds.

The best NAS for future-proofing will definitely be TS-x82T series NAS. The i3 model TVS-682-i3 would be around 2000GBP. It comes with HDMI2.0, for 4K streaming and i3 processor, which will be powerful enough to transcode 4K remotely. This should take you through many years to come. All thee innovative functions like caching, tiered storage and 10g will become a standard in the next few years. This NAS then will be competing with newly released models. Especially if you get more expensive i5 or even i7 model.

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