High-End Audio FLAC and AIFF supported NAS and Bliss software

I have a High-End Audio Business that I run out of my home. I have systems in six different locations and would like to be able to stream to different electronics in the different locations. I have been reading a lot about Synology but a lot of reviews that I have read people have had a lot of failures specifically with the newer models. I currently only have about 6 TB of music in FLAC and AIFF. I will continue to build my library and expect to have close to 20 TB within five years. I just heard about this Bliss software from Synology if that would work with a most electronic brands that be be a benefit. Sorry to ramble. If I an using three different systems at the same time would extra RAM help? Also I know SSD Cache can improve the sound so I may be interested in that too. I don’t know about the 10GB option, but if it helps with transferring my files I would like to be able to do it quickly. I sell very High-End systems and really need this to be dependable easy to set up and use. I currently carry Aurender Streamers. Arcam, Electrocompaniet, and Bryston as well.Auto tagging
Find information for untagged music files


All Synology models will support wide range of audio formats including FLAC and AIFF. It will also allow you to transcode FLAC, APE, AAC, OGG, AIFF, WMA if your Browser or DLNA  devices do not support the formats.

SSD cache have proven to increase the NAS performance especially regards to small files and meta data. More RAM will not be necessary unless  you are planing to run 5 or more apps in the background and play with more advanced stuff like virtual machines.

Bliss software will work alongside with Synology DS Audio app and will be compatible with wide range of operating systems.

DS918+ will tick all the boxes on your requirement list. It does not feature 10GbE port, but this would not help with audio file transfer times. It comes with dual SSD cache slots and allows 1 or 2 drive failure protection. It can be also expandable up to 9 drives in the RAID with a expansion unit later in the future.

If you need more storage space, next step up would be DS1618+ and DS1817+.


No interruptions

Bliss runs in the background. When it sees new music in your collection, it applies the rules you have defined, automatically

bliss audits your music collection, automatically

Get album artwork
Find, embed, resize and change automatically

Organize music files
Rename music file and folders automatically

Consolidate genres
Convert unwieldy genre lists to navigable ones

Fix your tags
Find missing tags and improve consistency

Tag editor
Fine grained control of tags in a web-based tag editor

Album integrity
Find and remove duplicate, missing or corrupt music files

Server based
bliss was written from the ground up for installation on home servers. Install it on your server and access the bliss user interface from your browser. You can access bliss from wherever you are in the world using your Web browser.



Works with…

Works with Sonos, Bluesound, Cambridge Audio, Naim and AURALiC

Runs on…

Runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Vortexbox, Synology and Docker


How to install bliss on your Synology device

The Synology package is an .spk file, suitable for manual installation in Synology DSM Package Center. We’ll also need to install Java.

First, download the .spk:

Now install Java. In DSM, open Package Center then click Developer Tools. You’ll see the Java packages:

Find the Synology Java packages in Package Center

It’s best to choose Java 8. Click Install. Once complete, we can install bliss.

In Package Center, click Settings and then ensure Trust Level is set to Any publisher:

Ensure 'Trust Level' is set to 'Any publisher'

Click OK; you’ll return to Package Center. To install bliss, click Manual Install:

Providing the spk file.

Browse to the downloaded .spk file and click Next. After a delay to confirm and install, bliss will be installed:

bliss running as a Synology package

Run bliss, if it isn’t already running, from the Action menu.

You can access bliss via the URL on the bliss package page. This will open a new tab to the bliss UI.

You’ll be given an option to take a brief tour, or configure bliss yourself! Check out the tutorials for examples of how to use bliss.

Hint: your Synology music folder is normally located at /volume1/music so be sure to select that as your Music location.

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