High-end enterprise solutions for 4K-8K

High-end enterprise solutions (potentially with video editing capablity)

First of all love your Youtube channel and the info provided has been hugely helpful! My question is in regards to outfitting a large production studio with a NAS solution that will provide both huge capacity and fast speeds. Though I’ve done tons of research on the high-end QNAP/Synology NAS solutions with 10gbe connections, ssd caching and the works, many of those devices seem to be geared towards small to medium sized production studios. As I’ve been looking at the rack-mounted server systems, in much of the marketing materials surrounding them they seem less oriented toward video editors and more for massive data servers. We would have multiple workstations editing high res footage (4K-8K), and though it may be more likely we would edit on some DAS using the NAS for backup, I was curious if there is a large enterprise solution that might be fast enough to edit from (we will have 10gbe fiber connections throughout the facility). I haven’t been able to find out any info on what large companies (ie Netflix/HBO) are using but it would need to be in this ballpark. Thank you so much for any guidance here!

I would recommend to have a look at SA3400 from Synology. Rackmount solution will allow you to easily expand storage space by stacking up expansion units. This model features 10Gbir port on board and allow for additional 10GbE or even Fiberchannel channel cards. Each editor will likely need a bandwidth speed of around 400-800MB/s. You can also install SSD cache card or use a few 3.5bays for 2.5″ SSD cache. This model also allows SAS drives which are much faster than regular drives.
Filled with SAS Exos drives this will be the ultimate 4K and 8K solution.

I hope this helps.


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