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Hi there, I am looking at getting a new NAS soon as an update to my old QNAP 219P. I am looking at the Synology 718+ and bringing in 2 x 6TB HDD’s.
I read with interest about the WD Reds being suitable for NAS, but have also been told that the WD Purples are also good. I do have someone close to me that is selling brand new sealed WD 6TB Purple drives at a good price.

My question is should I look at these for my new NAS or should I be looking only at the Reds?

Thank you πŸ™‚


Wd Red, as well as Purple drives, will work equally well. A two-bay system really do not require specific drives even though you can always hear that you should use NAS drives. RAID1 is a simple mirroring. Having 3 or more drives will make a difference. Data is written differently in setups like that and also reading is different.
But above all, you are still limited to a LAN speed which most of the time is slower than any hard drive speed.

​​​​​​​I hope this helps.

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