HIPAA compliant uploads for my clients

HIPAA compliant uploads for my clients

As a retirement side-gig, I design surgeries, and my clients need to upload optical scans (.STL) and CT scans (DICOM set and/or single file DICOM). I am using a conventional WD NAS right now, and “sweeping” files off of it soon after they arrive. But would rather be “legit” with a HIPAA compliant setup.

I realize I can just go out and purchase a Synolgy NAS that has HIPPA capability, but while I am computer saavy in areas such as medical CAD, 3D printing, etc, I do not trust myself to properly set up a network device.

Both Synology and Qnap offer folder encryption options. But if you need entire volume encryption then Qnap will do a better job. And with self-encrypting drives there is an option with Qsan.

Either way, you can create an encrypted connection between a NAS and a computer. Synology is the easiest to set up and use. DS1621+ would also allow 10GbE upgrade which would speed up uploads. Having a sync folder will automatically copy data to a NAS.

Otherwise, you can consider Thunderbolt option like TVS-472XT which is also fast but do not require network upgrade or configuration.


I hope this helps.



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