DS1019+ vs DS920+ for Plex

Just adding that I had to buy a shield tv pro because the plex app on the TV WAS RUBBISH. Very jittery I think because the Ethernet port on the LG is 1Gbs WHICH NO GOOD for 4K. Transcoding on the gaming PC didn’t even work but shield did thankfully.
Shield plays big 4K files almost flawlessly.

I was a bit confused by your DS video comment. Doesn’t the NAS just store the files on the drives, plex server owns the library, and the shield plays the file?
Finally, would you choose the 1019+ over the 920 for my purposes? Like I said I’m happy spending if worth it!


Streaming 4K over 1GbE Ethernet is faster than WiF so there is no issue. But you are right with Plex TV app. it is not the best.
With a NAS you can choose to create Plex server and the device and stream via HDMI, DLNA,Plex app or You can us a NAS as a source device where all videos are stored. Then Shield TV can like to it and get access while being a Plex server itself. ShieldTV unlike a NAS runs on its own operating system. Similar to Playstation/Xbox, this allows its software to get the best performance out of the hardware it has. So shows the results.
DS Video app is their own product and similarly can get access to NAS hardware and perform much better compared to third party apps.
DS920+ compared to 1019+ has a newer graphics chip, so it would be a better choice for multimedia purposes.

I hope this helps.

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