How to add more Ethernet ports to BT, SKY, Virgin, AT&T and other broadband routers/ discs?

How to add more Ethernet ports to BT, SKY and other broadband routers/ discs?

There are a few options. You can either add a really cheap 5 or more ports switch or you can add “two in one” devices like a Network hard drive with additional LAN Ethernet ports at the back.

Here is a cheaper port extender:





Qnap is releasing a new model QGD-3014-16PT with additional 16 ports which are twice as fast as those ports on the broadband router (this is 2.5Gbit instead of 1Gbit). It also features POE ports for cameras if you need any.

QGD-3014-16PT is equipped with 16-port 60-watt Gigabit PoE, 2-port Gigabit SFP and 2-port 2.5GbE host management. With a dual-CPU design, the QGD-3014-16PT innovatively adopts Intel® Atom® multi-core 2.2GHz processors with four SATA drive bays. Integrating surveillance deployment, video storage and computing, remote backup and WAN optimization, QGD-3014-16PT offers SMBs a cost-optimized and centrally-managed new intelligent surveillance network deployment solution.



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