How to add source folders on Synology Photos?

Shoehorn into fixed directory

“you will need your albums to reside in pre-designated areas of your NAS storage (you cannot tell the app to ‘index from X location’ easily)”

This is the reason I don’t use Photos. And this is what I was hoping would change in DSM 7. In fact this was the app that was driving my update. If this ludicrous limitation is not fixed, I’ll have to look for another alternative to Google Photos.

Yes, Synology use to force people to move all photos into the Moments folder. Now in Photos app, they have added a conditional album option with an option to select the source folder.



They have added a function to add non Home/Photos folders. It is simply not very obvious.


You should be able to set up a conditional folder and choose a location like this

Otherwise, you could install Photos app on the source NAS from where a hyper backup is sending photos away to the backup NAS. Hybrid backup allows users to choose any folder to back up.

I hope this helps.

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11 thoughts on “How to add source folders on Synology Photos?

  1. The only issue is Synology forces you to use the pre designater folder… Most of us have share folders with different names. In my case I have a folder for videos and other for photos. I cant add them on the Synology Photos.

  2. The solution suggested above in no way solves the problem, as I am unable to browse to my source folder with all my photos and simply add them. The functionally if extremely limited and really unless when compared to other offerings available.

  3. The new “Synology Photo” is a total waste. On google, simply seach “synology photo metadata lost” and you will find lot of people complain about they all lost their ability to search. If you were using Photo Station, and spend days/month tag everything, after upgrade to DSM 7.. you won’t be able to find your thing. Approx 10% will be there.. all other will be a simple picture. Probably the worse update they made now for the picture management. You will need to install external software to your computer, and re-scan the database. As in PhotoStation, metadata are located in the picture, if you copy your database to another Synology NAS (DSM6.x) and activate Photo Station, everything will work agait, as Photostation can work with that data, like most other Windows sofware that do picture management… not the case with DSM7