How to play Music from Synology NAS to AUX / Audio IN speakers

I have a client that would like to use their NAS as an audio server for their store. The issue is that there’s only one audio cable that they can use to play music to the speakers on the shop floor. We could use a a computer with a browser and connect the audio jack to the computer, but that means the user has their Windows alerts and other sounds mixed with the music, and they cannot watch a video clip on their computer during store hours.

In addition, using a single computer means that only one person can control the music at a time. I was wondering if there’s a way to connect a 3.5mm jack to the Synology DS1520+ so that any of the managers can choose a song or radio station from their smartphone or PC and have it play to the shop floor. I’m aware that they used to make a product called Synology Remote for Audio but it’s no longer sold for some reason.

Actually, you can do it. If you get Google Chromecast Audio then you can connect it to your AUX cable with extension or directly into your amplifier.

Then you can use Synology Audio station app to play the radio or cast any music on your speakers. Multiple users can connect and do the same.

FIND Google Chromecast Audio   UK    and    in   USA 

I hope this helps.




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