How to Back Up and Restore Your Synology NAS Configuration

How to Back Up and Restore Your Synology NAS Configuration & settings

Configuration Backup

Go to Control Panel > Update & Restore to immediately back up system configurations to a local computer. This allows you to save various settings (e.g. users, groups, file service settings, etc.) and restore the settings at a later date. System configurations are saved as a .dss format file.

To back up system configurations:

    1. Click Back up configuration.

  1. A configuration file will be downloaded to your computer (with the name [Synology Product Name]_[Created Date].dss).

To restore system configurations:

    1. Click Restore configuration.

    1. Click Browse and select the configuration file stored on your computer.
    2. Check the corresponding checkboxes of configurations you want to restore and then click OK. You may also check the Overwrite conflicting settings option to overwrite the current settings for any selection of existing users, groups, shared folders, and services.

    1. A warning prompt appears. Click Yes to continue.

    1. After the restore function completes, a prompt appears. Click OK to finish.

The following settings will be backed up:

  • Users, groups and shared folders
  • Workgroup, domain, and LDAP
  • File sharing (e.g. Windows File Service, Mac File Service, NFS Service, FTP, WebDAV, and rsync) and Backup Service
  • Others (e.g. User Home, Password Settings, Task Scheduler, and Notification)


  • Backup Service includes basic service settings but not information about backup tasks.
  • User Home includes basic service settings while excluding the homes shared folder. Please go to Hyper Backup to back up and restore the homes shared folder and its data.
  • Task Scheduler includes tasks which can be created in Task Scheduler while excluding tasks generated by other applications (e.g. Hyper Backup and Disk Usage Report, etc.)
  • If the names of the restored users or groups are now reserved for system use only, they will be restored as other names.
  • After system configurations are restored, the email recipients at Control Panel > Notification > Push Service need to be verified again.

On DSM7 you can also backup and restores settings via Hyper backup


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