How to do offline transcoding on Synology?

Plex Background Offline Transcoding

Hi, I own a DS920+ that has 2 x 8TB and 1 x 2TB. I purchased the 2TB for plex background offline tanscoding and set it up in a new storage pool as a single volume. My issue is, being fairly new to running Plex on my Synology, I have no clue how to enable and configure background offline transcoding. Is this a function of the NAS or the function of Plex? I have a Plex Pass so should be able to do hardware transcoding. My DS920+ is running DSM 7.0. I am beginning to think that my DS920+ does not support background offline transcoding as I can’t see an option for this in DSM or Plex. Any advice\help will be greatly appreciated.


You will need to use Video station app for that. Plex then can see additional video files after offline transcoding is complete.

Offline Conversion before Playback

With offline conversion, you can convert videos to .mp4 format (supported by most mobile devices) in advance with setting up those videos’ profile. Once the conversion is completed, you can download the converted videos to your mobile device and play them without limitations of network connectivity.

To start an offline conversion:

  1. Hover your pointer over the video that you wish to convert, and click the Offline Conversion button at its lower right corner.
  2. Select the video filesvideo profile, and audio track that you wish to become the profile of the newly converted video.
  3. Click OK to start converting.

To check the offline conversion status:

  1. Click Offline Conversion button at the upper right corner of your Video Station.
  2. You can view, stop, or clear the conversion tasks in the Offline Conversion tab.


  • The naming rule of converted videos is [original video file name + (quality)]. The converted videos will be stored in the same folder with the original videos, and will also be indexed by Video Station. However, the converted videos cannot be converted again.
  • The ability of online/offline conversion depends on the model of your Synology product. For more information, please refer to the FAQ articles about conversion and 4K video conversion.

More Information:

  • While installing VLC Web Plugin, make sure you have ticked Mozilla plugin and ActiveX plugin.
  • VLC Web Plugin is supported by the following browsers:
    • Windows: Internet Explorer
    • Mac OS: Safari
  • VLC Web Plugin does not support HTTPS streaming.
  • If VLC Web Plugin is not installed on your local computer, Video Player will play videos supported by HTML5. Please refer to here for HTML5 videos supported by different web browsers.
  • If VLC Web Plugin is installed on your computer, and you are connecting to DSM with a supported web browser, Video Player supports the following formats:
    avi, dat, mkv, vob, asf, wmv, mov, qt, divx, flv, swf, rm, rmvb, mpg, mpeg, mpeg1, m1v, mpeg2, m2v, mp2, dvr-ms, m2ts, mts, m2t, ts, tp, trp, mpeg4, m4v, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, mpe, xvid
  • Following formats are not supported by VLC Web Plugin for video seeking: avi, ts, trp, tp, m2t, m2ts, mts


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