How to upgrade WD MyCloud OS3 with OS5

How to upgrade WD MyCloud OS3 with OS5


Yes, this is a popular question. If you can not install OS5 on your WD NAS then they will disable internet access from January. You need to upgrade to WD PR/ EX Ultra series or change a brand.

The most popular upgrade choice is Synology and Qnap models with Realtek and Celeron processors inside. You also get new DDR4 memory and transcoding chip for remote video streaming. Qnap and Synology also have their own computer and mobile apps unlike WD (They rely on third part y such as Acronis etc).

Here are the upgrade options

DS218play / TS-230 with Realtek CPU. Good for backing up and remote access. Not as good for third party app use.

DS220+/ DS420+ / TS253D/ TS-453D. Good for first party as well as third party app use. Has no limitations on apps and functionality you can use. Fast enough to use for multi user environments and wide range of file formats.

WD MyCloud OS5 remote access deadline January 15, 2022
Affected Devices
My Cloud PR2100
My Cloud PR4100
My Cloud EX2 Ultra
My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud EX2100
My Cloud DL2100
My Cloud DL4100
My Cloud Mirror Gen2
My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx-10)
WD Cloud
My Cloud Mirror
My Cloud EX2
My Cloud EX4
My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx-00)…
Download firmware…
How to do manual install…Third party apps…



My Cloud OS 5 firmware is currently available for the following My Cloud devices.

Device Name Part Number OS 5 Firmware Availability
My Cloud Home WDBVXC* Not Applicable
My Cloud Home Duo WDBMUT* Not Applicable
My Cloud
(fw 04.xx.xx-xxx)
WDBCTLxxxxxxx-00 Not Available
My Cloud
WDBCTLxxxxxxx-10 Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud Mirror WDBZVM* Not Available
My Cloud Mirror (Gen2) WDBWVZ* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud EX2 WDBVKW* Not Available
My Cloud EX2 Ultra WDBVBZ* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud EX4 WDBWWD* Not Available
My Cloud EX2100 WDBWAZ* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud EX4100 WDBWZE* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud DL2100 WDBBAZ* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud DL4100 WDBNEZ* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud PR2100 WDBBCL* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

My Cloud PR4100 WDBNFA* Firmware Release 2.41.121

My Cloud OS 5  5.19.117

WD Cloud (Japan) WDBAGX*
My Book Live WDBACG* Not Supported
My Book Live Duo WDBVHT* Not Supported
Not Supported
My Net N900c WDBKSP* Not Supported

    1. Before updating to My Cloud OS 5, your device must be updated to Firmware 2.41.121 or higher.
      • Download firmware version 2.41.121 for your My Cloud model from the WD Support Website to your local computer
      • Login to your My Cloud dashboard as “admin” user
        For assistance accessing the Dashboard, please refer to Answer ID 27432 How to Access the Dashboard on a My Cloud Device
      • Click Settings
      • Click Firmware
      • Click Manual Update from File
      • Browse to the downloaded firmware file
        Select the firmware image file and Click Open to start the firmware update process
      • Click Install and Reboot and wait for the update and reboot process to complete
    2. Log into the My Cloud dashboard
      For assistance accessing the Dashboard, please refer to Answer ID 27432: How to Access the Dashboard on a My Cloud Device
    3. Click the Box NEW OS 5 AVAILABLE

    1. Introducing My Cloud OS 5
      Click Next to continue the update process
      Click Update Later to cancel the OS 5 update process.

    1. Things to know
      One Way Migration
      IMPORTANT Important: Upgrading to My Cloud OS 5 is a one Way Migration.
      There will no option to revert back to OS 3.

      NAS App Reinstall
      You will need to reinstall the Apps you have
      Click Next

    1. New cloud account needed after the upgrade
      Click Next

    1. Ready To Upgrade?
      Installion is 5 minutes
      Reconfigure is 15 minutes
      Click Start Upgrade

    1. Upgrading to OS 5… Firmware will download
IMPORTANT Important: Do not unplug your device during upgrade installation.

    1. Upgrading to OS 5… Firmware will Upgraged

    1. Upgrade Complete. Device will reboot

    1. Type OS 3 password
      Click Next

    1. End User License Agreement
      Review the End User License Agreement Click I Agree

    1. Create a New Password for My Cloud OS 5
      Click Next

    1. Update password for local NAS users
      Create a new password for local NAS users.
      Click Skip this user if the password should be set later.
      Click Next

    1. Set Time zone
      Select the time zone from the list
      Click Next

    1. Access from anywhere
      To skip the Cloud Access Configuration, Click Skip Cloud Access
      To configure the remote access, Click Continue

    1. Create cloud account
      Fill out the form and add an email address to use it for cloud account.
      If the account is already created for any other device (including WD My Cloud OS5, My Cloud Home or Sandisk ibi), click Sign in with exisitng My Cloud OS 5 cloud account and Sign in to the created account.

    1. Enable Cloud access for your network shares
      By selecting the share folder, the web/mobile access will be enabled for that specific folder. This selection will enable the indexing process on the your My Cloud OS 5.
      for more information about indexing process, please refer to Answer ID 30021: My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access Content Indexing FAQ
      Click Next

    1. Sign-in Successful
      Click Next

    1. Optimized video playback for cloud access
      This process will pre-generate a short clip file of your video and store them in My Cloud device for play back later.
      By selecting Yes, the deive will generate the a short clip of your video files.
      For more information, please refer to Answer ID 30042: My Cloud OS 5: Web and Mobile App Image, Audio and Video Playback
      IMPORTANT Important: Optimizing Video Playback is only supported on My Cloud PR2100/PR4100 and it is not supported on any other My Cloud device.

    1. Analytics opt-in
      To opt-in the analytics click Agree to share
      Otherwise click Do not share

    1. Almost finished
      Click Go to Apps

    1. Click Reinstall to install the app that was installed on the OS 3.

  1. Dashboard View
    The device will start indexing the content when Cloud accounts are created for remote access of content in the web and mobile apps.
    For more information regarding indexing, please refer to:

  2. Next Steps

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