How to migrate from old Synology NAS to a new one?

I currently have a DS211J with two 2TB drives in RAID 1 and am upgrading to a DS920+ with two 4TB ironwolf drives (after watching your videos and reading your web pages..). I am concerned about the best way to transfer my data between the two. I plan to use the 4TB drives as well as the 2TB dives after everything is set up. I also have the ability to put the 211J at an off-site lcation and leave the two 2TB drives in that, RAID 0 and use that as a back up of the 920. Just wanted to get your thoughts on:

1. Best way to migrate the data from 211J to 920
2. Should I put the two 2TB drives in the 920+ also or do the off site plan?

Drive migration between J and plus series is not straightforward. Here is some more info

I would map an old NAS to a new one like this

You can also use migration assistant

I hope this helps.


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